A Half Elf Rogue from a Roaming Circus who has seen many a strange sights



AC 16
HP 20


Fort:2 Ref:6 Will:1

Weapons Armor and Characteristic Gear

Rapier, Adventurer’s Sash with Daggers, Cestus, Chain Shirt


Alara was an Acrobat by Trade. She performed and traveled with Baron Csaba’s Extraordinary Traveling Circus. She had been many things in her 21 years of life. Orphan, Stable Girl, cut-purse, Whore, murderess, mistress, the list goes on. Not one of her Titles shamed her. She was abandoned at birth on the doorstep of a small town Varisian Stable. She knew she was the product of a Varisian-Elf union, her features made that clear as she grew into a woman. Even as a child she knew she was the product of such a union. Her pointed ears, slender form and Lilac eyes let the world know too. The wife of the Stable Master who took her in grew jealous of the Affection her Husband gave the Child Alara, and sold her in the night to Baron Csaba himself. Alara often though over the years that in a way, she should thank the Bitch. She would never have known the things the world held otherwise. She had traveled the land with the Circus, seen many a wondrous sight, tasted the pains and pleasures of the Circus’s movement. She had been “adopted” by a gang on the streets of Galt and given the gift of a Safe Haven whenever she needed it, after she saved one of their beloved daughters from a very nasty man and the fate he wished on her. She had eaten pastries with a Bastard Prince of The River Kingdoms in the back room of a pub. She had been given Tattoos by a great Varisian Artist who had seen her Dance on a tightrope while her partner swung through the air from perch to perch. She had been stabbed for seducing the wife of a wealthy man. She had been the Mistress of a Raja of Vudra and given a cobra’s hood tattoo covering her back. He would joke that she was beautiful, nimble and would strike quickly if felt she was mistreated. The first two weeks of their tryst he had a black eye that would testify to this fact. Being with Csaba’s troupe was basically all she knew, despite all her adventures when they stopped to perform. He was starting to feel he owned her, and thought technically he did, Alara was her own woman and did as she pleased. It was time to go out on her own. To see what life held for her without the tether of the Circus. Adventure awaited her, and she was thirsty for it.


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